Defensive Tactics

Founded by Sensei Doug Tritton & Sensei Michelle Tritton.


The shocking events of September 11, 2001, confirmed to us that we might be able to do something to stop a similar circumstance from occurring again and restore a feeling of security and well-being. People need to be able to move around the planet without fear of attack. We need to make the world a safer place by providing airline staff with both the knowledge and means to protect their passengers. This program will distinguish certain Airlines over others and give them a distinct advantage over their competitors. Passengers will return to a situation where they feel comfortable and safe when they travel with those Airlines. Defensive Tactics commenced training Virgin Blue Flight Crew and Cabin Crew in May 2002 and currently trains Pacific Blue, Poly Blue and V Australia Air Crew.


Our vision is to operate in an environment where a Defensive Tactics Self Defence Course is as common and natural to the community as a Senior First Aid Course and Self Defence Recurrency Programs are the norm and a great way to stay fit. We want to provide a Program where all of your staff are trained to their respective comfort and ability levels within a structured framework. This framework includes various appropriate levels so each staff member can feel empowered and inspired to a level of skill and confidence such that they can effectively handle situations that may arise in the workplace. This is done in the full knowledge that some people will have a natural aptitude for this type of training and others will do only what is required to achieve their objectives. The training needs to be ongoing, to ensure they remain confident and practiced, in a similar fashion to a First Aid or CPR Refresher Course, all Levels will have to refresh their particular skills to stay current.


We see a growing need to protect our children (of all ages) in this society. They are the future. Due to the differing developmental stages that our children pass through on the journey to becoming an adult we see the necessity for a variety of programs to deal with these different developmental stages.
•Protective Behaviour Program Under 8
•Protective Behaviour Program 8 to 11
•Protective Behaviour Program Over 12
•Schoolies Self Defence Course


We have a variety of specialized Courses and Classes designed for Individuals and Groups. Courses are presented in the evenings and during the day. Enrolling in a Course is a smart thing to do because it gives you
•an instant 1 month Gym membership which entitles you to unlimited use of the gym equipment plus
•1 lesson (60 min) in your chosen course per week for 4 weeks

A new Course starts each week and once a Course has been completed the natural progression is to attend Classes which are also offered in the evenings and during the day. During the Classes you will be drilled in the skills presented in the Course and build a Cardio Workout as your Course skills develop. When you enrol in the Classes you can personalised your fitness program to include Gym, Bag Room, Group Fitness, Circuit or Martial Arts “bolt-ons”. Positions are currently available in the following Courses
•Introductory Self Defence Course
•Women’s Self Defence Course
•Safe Travellers Course
•Intermediate Self Defence Course
•Schoolies Self Defence Course


Law Enforcement Officers are constantly putting their lives on the line and any worthwhile life skills that will help their situation and help to relieve stress are certainly worth consideration.

The world of Law Enforcement is not what it seems. Most Police Officers throughout the world do not get sufficient time to perfect the personal skills that are going to save their lives when things get tough. This is not the fault of the Police Department rather a situation that develops from the hectic lifestyles and stress brought about by Police work and by general shift work. This Program is designed to complement the existing training by the Department and is available to individual Police Officers and Police Departments. We appreciate the job our Police Officers (and their families) do and we are always willing to train Police and Law Enforcement Officers at a reduced rate as a token of our appreciation for the job they do for the community. If you require Defensive Tactics for a specific situation that is not currently covered by this web page then please go to the Contact Us page and give us your requirements and we will contact you.