Airline Defensive Tactics

The shocking events of September 11, 2001, confirmed to us that we might be able to do something to stop a similar circumstance from occurring again and restore a feeling of security and well-being. People need to be able to move around the planet without fear of attack. We need to make the world a safer place by providing airline staff with both the knowledge and means to protect their passengers. This program will distinguish certain Airlines over others and give them a distinct advantage over their competitors. Passengers will return to a situation where they feel comfortable and safe when they travel with those Airlines. Defensive Tactics commenced training Virgin Blue Flight Crew and Cabin Crew in May 2002 and currently trains Pacific Blue, Poly Blue and V Australia Air Crew.

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Virgin Blue sought the services of an Australian company called Defensive Tactics to provide an extra security training infrastructure designed to support existing government initiatives and to increase in-flight safety for its passengers thus creating increased passenger confidence giving valuable Life Skills and confidence to all of its staff thus raising the bar for all airlines throughout the world.


Defensive Tactics (DT) is contracted to provide specific training to Cabin Crew and Flight Crew. The keys to the success of these programmes are that all programmes are tailor made for the Airline Industry and not some other industry course that has been modified. All Air Crew are trained in Defensive Tactics as part of their initial basic training and then followed up with regular Refresher Courses. Passing the DT training is a prerequisite to passing their basic training and maintaining their fitness to fly. All Defensive Tactics training is done by a team of specifically trained Instructors ensuring the same high quality and standard for all crew. Training involves days of immersion training in the physical and mental aspects of Defensive Tactics. To maximise the results, accelerated learning techniques compound the rates of successful outcomes in all areas of training. The main focus of the training is to work as a TEAM.

The Team Concept starts with one person assuming the position of Team Leader and the Team builds strength, power and momentum as all other members of the Cabin Crew, and the Flight Crew join the Team. The Team has the ability to enlist all able-bodied passengers to join the Team as well. The Team becomes overwhelming and reacts as one, with one purpose in mind. The Power of the Team always prevails.

The Team concept has the ability to overcome the situation where an individual may not shine in all areas of instruction but as a team they will be successful by compensating for each other – to seek one goal.

These concepts are used for a broad range of incidents ranging from dealing with simple passenger disputes to potential September 11 style terrorist hijacking.


Awareness is an innate attribute present in the animal kingdom that is as crucial to survival as the ability to control ones emotions and relax when stressed or in the grip of Fear.

Sound predetermined strategies are brought inside the comfort zone of each individual.

Strengthening ones Belief system with naturally explosive power and speed combined with neuro-muscular imprinting of proven strategies and defensive capabilities provides the necessary confidence to operate successfully in the appropriate window of opportunity.

Combining these skills with the ability to read body language and redirect energy to facilitate pain compliance through joint locking and pressure point technology produces a well-trained individual.

If that individual is in company with a Team of other similar individuals and they are motivated to survive then you have an extremely powerful force to deal with.