We encourage everyone who has been trained by Defensive Tactics to register as a Member of Defensive Tactics. This means that we keep a record of your details and we offer you:

  • A Free DEFTAC T-shirt
  • Information on the latest courses available from Defensive Tactics
  • Discounts on the purchase of equipment, training gear and clothing from Defensive Tactics
  • Discounts on Seminars being presented by Defensive Tactics and the Brisbane Martial Arts Academy
  • Discounts on Gym memberships at the Fighting Fit Centre Gym
  • Discounts on training tapes and DVDs
  • Discounts on future Defensive Tactics Courses
  • Discounts on all Martial Arts training with the Brisbane Martial Arts Academy. If you work out in the Gym, attend 1 Seminar per year, and you buy a T-shirt, then you have recouped the cost of your membership with Defensive Tactics.

Complete the contact us form and you are automatically a registered member of Defensive Tactics.