We provide a number of different Programmes that cater to the needs of a broad cross section of the population. If you require Defensive Tactics for a specific situation that is not currently covered by this web page then please go to the Contact Us page and give us your requirements and we will contact you.


The shocking events of September 11, 2001, confirmed to us that we might be able to do something to stop a similar circumstance from occurring again and restore a feeling of security and well-being. People need to be able to move around the planet without fear of attack. We need to make the world a safer place by providing airline staff with both the knowledge and means to protect their passengers. This program will distinguish certain Airlines over others and give them a distinct advantage over their competitors. Passengers will return to a situation where they feel comfortable and safe when they travel with those Airlines.


Our vision is to provide a situation where all of your staff are trained to their respective comfort and ability levels within a structured framework. This framework includes various appropriate levels so each staff member can feel empowered and inspired to a level of skill and confidence such that they can effectively handle 95% of situations that may arise. This is done in the full knowledge that some people will have a natural aptitude for this type of training and others will do only what is required to achieve their objectives. The training needs to be ongoing, to ensure they remain confident and practiced, in a similar fashion to a First Aid or CPR Refresher Course, all Levels will have to refresh their particular skills to stay current.


We see a growing need to protect our children (of all ages) in this society. They are the future. Due to the differing developmental stages that our children pass through on the journey to becoming an adult we see the necessity for a variety of programs to deal with these different developmental stages.


We have a variety of specialized Programs that deal with Individuals, Groups, Families and Women. If you fall into any of these categories then you should have a look at this page.


Law Enforcement Officers are constantly putting their lives on the line and any worthwhile life skills that will help their situation and help to relieve stress are certainly worth consideration.