Corporate Defensive Tactics

Our vision is to provide a situation where all of your staff are trained to their respective comfort and ability levels within a structured framework. This framework includes various appropriate levels so each staff member can feel empowered and inspired to a level of skill and confidence such that they can effectively handle 95% of situations that may arise. This is done in the full knowledge that some people will have a natural aptitude for this type of training and others will do only what is required to achieve their objectives. The training needs to be ongoing, to ensure they remain confident and practiced, in a similar fashion to a First Aid or CPR Refresher Course; all Levels will have to refresh their particular skills to stay current.

Many business executives are put in unusual and potentially dangerous situations on a regular basis due to the nature of their work. Whether they are travelling (locally, interstate or overseas), working late at night, entertaining clients, or any other activity that might put them in a potentially dangerous situation. The more frequently a business executive is exposed to these dangers the greater the probability that they will become a victim – the “it won’t happen to me attitude” is not a defence and actually increases your chances of being a victim. This Programme reduces your chance of becoming a statistic. People study First Aid so they can look after someone else in an emergency – People study our Defensive Tactics so they can look after themselves in an emergency.

We specialize in customizing our Basic Corporate Programme to the specific requirements determined by our consultants after interviewing your key employees.