Personal Defensive Tactics

To gain, maintain or improve your Personal Defensive Tactics Skills you can choose Private Lessons, Courses or Classes or a combination to suit your budget.

Defensive Tactics offers Private Lessons (30 min or 60 min) for 1-on-1 training up to small groups of up to 6 people. Each Private Lesson includes a Free Gym visit for each person in the group as well.

We also have a variety of specialized Courses and Classes designed for Individuals and Groups.

Courses are presented in the evenings and during the day. Enrolling in a Course is a smart thing to do because it gives you

  • an instant 1 month Gym membership which entitles you to unlimited use of the gym equipment plus
  • 1 lesson (60 min) in your chosen course per week for 4 weeks

A new Course starts each week and once a Course has been completed the natural progression is to attend Classes which are also offered in the evenings and during the day. During the Classes you will be drilled in the skills presented in the Course and build a Cardio Workout as your Course skills develop. When you enrol in the Classes you can personalised your fitness program to include Gym, Bag Room, Group Fitness, Circuit or Martial Arts “bolt-ons”.

Positions are currently available in the following Courses

  • Introductory Self Defence Course
  • Women’s Self Defence Course
  • Safe Travellers Course
  • Intermediate Self Defence Course
  • Schoolies Self Defence Course

Defensive Tactics can be taught as a specific subject or we can build a customised program designed specifically for you. Customised Programs involve studying a group of subjects of your choice. Programs can range from short basic programs of a couple of hours duration to complex detailed programs specifically designed to suit particular requirements.